The best type of customer

Recently thinking about sales, user experience and friction points for ( I started thinking about our customers…
And soon I was trying to answer the age old question that plagues many, “What type of a customer qualifies as the best customer?”

I pondered between “does a customer who know what they are looking for the best customer?” or is a customer who I can educate the best customer? Money? Male? Female? Age? Income?….

After getting no where… I decided to analyze, “what type of a customer am I” and then it hit me…

“I am the best customer”!

So what type of a customer am I?

I am an impulse buyer… And impulse buyers, on my opinion are the best and hardest to sell to…


Well, we have the money and will spend it in a couple of seconds and will think about our decision later… What makes that hard? Well, impulse buyers have an attention spam that goes from “must buy” to “I’ll think about it” to “won’t think about it again” in a few seconds….

Are most buyers of this type? My observations tell me so; but will need to collect some statistics to prove this observation. High bounce rates for sites/pages that cannot successfully funnel a sale in a few seconds (clicks) will validate my claim.

If you have to educate this customer; you’ve probably lost the impulse sale, but may get them at a later time.

So how do you sell to buyers like me?

Convince the user that it’s okay to buy on an impulse because you will happily refund their money if they are not happy will feed into their impulse.

Don’t make me enter a whole lot of info, capture my credit card ASAP.

If I can connect to the details visually; don’t make me read

Do not give me a lot of options, funnel me!

Most buyers don’t know they want to buy something…. Most buyers are browsing the net aimlessly… I certainly am…

If it isn’t
1. That’s cool, I could use that
2. I believe that it’s worth the $
3. Ready to buy
4. Sold
5. Within 1-120 seconds

…..You’ve lost a sale.


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