People, Process, Technology

Technology to Process
Over the years I realized that I was passionate about all three, and while I had the Technology aspect down, I had not yet explored process and people. With that need, I obtained a Masters in Software Engineering with an emphasis in Process Improvement.

Process to People
Still having a position primarily architecting technology, I was asked by the CTO to participate in process improvement initiatives. I implemented and defined a significant number of processes but the CTO soon lost the battle against others in a discussion on the “best use of an architect’s time”. From the engagement I had with process improvement initiatives, I decided that it was about time I focused on process and people, and prove to myself that I was as good as a leader as I was a technologist. Coding became an evening/weekend hobby (or my other 2 jobs as my wife calls them) and I decided to take on a leadership position focusing on people.


My success is measured by the impact my teams and I make; all that we have accomplished is due to our combined drive and effort – Thank you.

I have lead several teams and built them into high performing teams. I promote and value accountability, ownership and collaboration, do not micromanage but will most definitely be knowledgeable and hooked into the technical details and when possible be hands on. My teams are distributed globally where some members are local, some remote, some at other office locations and some offshore. An entrepreneurial drive has provided me opportunities to be been involved in multiple stages with several technical projects; delivering from a to z with or without formal requirements. My teams and I have created mocks and UI/UX layouts to walk through an idea, extracted requirements from stakeholders, documented use cases, sequence diagrams, architectural diagrams, coded, build packaged, tested, released, provided customer support and evolved product.

Be agile, learn, continuously improve, drive hard, deliver, and have fun.


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