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eCommerce tooling: Build vs Buy

When you can’t quite find something that fits the need, don’t give in and accept “almost” or “good enough”; don’t settle.

Blank Label needed an eCommerce platform that supported several custom parameters (shirts are complicated). Several were looked at but they didn’t fit; we built our own.

We needed a user experience that allowed dynamic visual updates – theres lots of crap out there, we custom built our own.

We needed to account for manufacturing and our fulfillment, we built our own.

Analytical – several great products out there, we did not build our own 🙂

Email that went out in mass volumes – Thank you sendgrid.

We tried several customer engagement/referral reward solutions, coupon management, gift certificate generation, sales commission – stuff. They didn’t work, we built our own.

We’ve built a lot of stuff – and perfected it. We’ve also learnt a lot about our customers and the way they like to shop and be engaged. We also learnt when to buy and when to build.

There are some exciting things in the pipeline for the stuff we’ve had to build and what we would like to do with all of it.

Stay tuned!