Trends to look out for in 2016

  1. Scalable video streaming-as-a-service for “critical” use will become mainstream, allowing several disconnected parties to be connected in real time and allow for the streams to be recorded and audited.
  2. Collaboration at the tap of a button will become a priority – Moving from an afterthought to a forethought, well integrated as part of a workflow and will be moving away from textual to visual (video) collaboration.
  3. Predictive analytics with preventive measures around service performance and optimization will continue to be a big ask.
  4. There will be a larger focus on building product offerings around personal safety/security – i.e. in the case of a disaster/attack, people will want to know that you are safe, what your last location was – or if you are headed to an impacted zone.
  5. Customers will expect well integrated solutions that provide complete end-to-end workflows with an emphasis on usability.
  6. Enterprise situational engagement will be an interesting trend where corporations will want closer social engagement for critical events, such as threats, harassment, anonymous tips, etc.
  7. Connected Health will continue to be an interest for many with a large dependency on EHR integration’s for enterprise hospitals – virtual beds will become more common; however small to medium provider groups will more readily pick up innovative tools showcasing the benefits of technology in providing better care.

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