The Leadership skills you know you don’t have.

Previously I posted this on leadership skills and while I was recently reading it again, I realized that I now disagreed with something I had said earlier:

I have come to realize that some are leaders in one function (Project), others may be a mix in two (Functional and Technical); In my opinion (and conclusion), one must continue to grow their leadership by improving skills in other areas/domains that are not on-par with the rest.

People (followers) expect their (great) leaders to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty, so great leadership is well rounded and should be able to tackle any problem.

I now disagree and think that great leadership is not always well rounded; while its important to continue growing; there are going to be areas that one might just completely sucks at. it’s important to realize that and know what your weaknesses are and plan for them; ideally by putting others in place that can help cover them……….. or by learning how to suck less at them.

Have a plan, bring on and place great people… that’s what really counts.


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